Three Tips for Better Law Firm Holiday Gift Giving

As the holiday revelry begins, your firm is likely wrapping up seasonal gifting plans. The hectic pace of year-end can tempt phoning it in to quickly check off that box. However, with a little extra consideration you can send clients thoughtful gifts that cap off the year’s partnership with your firm.

Here are three tips to turn holiday-gifting into a smart business development strategy:

1. Segment Your Network

You’ve compiled your list of contacts and your firm’s network is vast. Instead of sending out a catchall to the entire group, take it one step further and distinguish the relationships by establishing groups that define the level of year-end recognition each merit. Consider:

  • Who will sending a card to be sufficient?
  • What relationships should be acknowledged with a gift?
  • Are there key relationships that call for a more lavish gift than others?
  • Do any companies have gift policies you need to be mindful of?

Connecting with different contacts in a variety of ways allows you to effectively show your appreciation.

2. Personalize Your Gifts

Think about personalizing gifts from two different perspectives – gifts that represent your clients or gifts that represent your firm – and decide which works best for you.

Gifts that represent your client show how well you know them personally and your understanding of their business. Done right, they demonstrate that your relationship has moved beyond simply providing a service. Consider a gift representative of their industry, the company’s interests and personal interests of your client. For example, if your client was in the pet industry and supported causes related to pet-adoption you could make a charitable donation in their name.

Sending something representative of yourself makes the sender easily identifiable. Think about aspects of your firm that standout to your client – are you based in a different city or state, do provide them any unique services, did you have a notable case or memorable meeting during the calendar year that you could commemorate with a gift?

For extra credit, send a gift that combines both. Continuing with the above example you could donate to a local charity related to your client’s industry, or one they are personally passionate about, in both their city and yours.

3. Know Your Audience

Before you decide to send a gift directly to your main point of contact ask yourself: How is their organization set up? How many other people are on their team? Who else at the company makes your job easier? Are there other decision-makers at the company?

Also recognizing the associate general counsel, an administrative assistant who regularly schedules your meetings, or finance department shows you appreciate the partnership of the entire business.

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