Our Manifesto

In general, we don’t do general.

For too long, law firms have promoted themselves by touting their size, scope and service: “With hundreds of professionals in business centers nationwide, we are adept at handling everything from appellate law to zoning, with the sophistication of a large law firm and the hands-on approach of a small firm.”

That sentence could be in 99 percent of Big Law brochures.

But these milquetoast monoliths aren’t making anyone happy: Fewer than 40 percent of clients would recommend their primary firm to a peer. Only 2 percent of law firm proposals are described as creative or helpful.

That’s why there’s a triple threat poised to commoditize the legal industry: Corporate law departments are insourcing billions in legal work; legal tech is automating tasks and gobbling up matters; and the Big Four accounting firms are offering legal services in 80 countries – eighty – and salivating over the U.S.

It’s time to specialize.

Lawyers are vulnerable now because the quest to offer a one-stop shop neglects the fundamental truth of what clients actually want: expertise. Indeed, Altman Weil reports that attorney expertise is the No. 1 hiring factor for law firms. The opposite also is true: In 2019, 42 percent of legal departments said lack of expertise was the No. 1 reason they moved work away from law firms – more than concerns over fees, service, or “size or depth of firm resources.”

To survive, lawyers must become experts. They must get more specific than a corporate in-house generalist; they must get more insightful than software decision trees; they must go deeper than accounting firms dare to tread.

As their pool of potential clients gets smaller, they need strong, meaningful connections with the decision-makers within it.

That’s where we come in.

We help focused law firms and service providers define, develop and dominate their markets. We use targeted marketing communications to build strong, true bonds between lawyers and the people who need their specific expertise.

We don’t want clients who want to be all things to all people. We want to work with law firms and legal service providers who do one thing better than anyone – and we want to build a foundation of strength that makes them untouchable.