and Values

The legal profession is crucial to protecting justice, civility and innovation, but there are formidable stressors for those who practice it. “Associate attorney” has topped the Forbes list of the “Unhappiest Jobs in America.” Lawyers have a higher likelihood of alcoholism, anxiety and depression than other professionals.

Meanwhile, clients are unhappy with what they are getting. Only 40 percent would recommend their primary law firm to a peer. Only 2 percent of law firm proposals are described as creative or helpful. Many companies are voting with their dollars — $4 billion of legal work has been in-sourced over the past several years.

We believe both sides deserve better, and we want to help. For our lawyers, we want to provide stronger client relationships, more stability of income and more enjoyable work. For their clients, we want to champion more effective problem-solving, more empathy in representation and more satisfying service.

Our Values

We believe the practice of law is as much about people as precedent, and we believe the best legal marketing is built on trust, empathy and respect.

We value clarity over cleverness.

We never celebrate the problem — we recognize clients often seek lawyers when they are at their most vulnerable, and we respect that sacred trust.

We believe legal marketing must be ethical, appropriate and professional — but that shouldn’t stop it from being beautiful.

We believe the duty to pro bono service extends to all of us who make a living in the legal industry. We share our time and talents with organizations that work to expand access to justice and sustain the profession.

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