Firesign helps attorneys attract, win and retain business.

We believe the practice of law is as much about people as precedent, and we believe the best legal marketing is built on trust, empathy and respect.

Firesign exists to build law reputations and careers by fostering strong, true bonds between attorneys and those who need their counsel. Clients deserve respect, smart advocacy and exceptional service. Lawyers deserve marketing that reflects their talent, experience and grit.

“Enlightened legal marketing” means we honor that every lawyer and law firm – like every matter – is different. It means savvy, relevance and ROI. It means we prioritize client loyalty over legal rankings. And it means no stock images of gavels or law books, ever.

  • “Katie is a natural treasure – she seems to have that special talent that allows her to connect with and understand both the lawyers she supports and the clients she and her firm represent…In my world – the world of in-house counsel – trusted relationships are everything: Katie is the person with the people skills to build relationships that build success.”

  • “Katie stands out in legal marketing for her consideration of the human elements – attorneys, staff, alumni – and the radical notion that clients are people too. She enjoys building connections and brings warmth and energy to the conservative legal environment.”

  • “Katie sees public relations as a two-way street – she is adept at putting her attorneys in front of the right audiences, but also takes care to deliver engaging, relevant sources to us.”