Firesign Founder in Forbes: How to Build a Niche

Forbes has published an article by Firesign’s CEO, Katherine Hollar Barnard, on how attorneys can develop successful niche practices. The piece, “Three Steps to Developing a Successful Legal Niche,” posted May 24.

In it, Barnard discusses how lawyers can define a specialty, build their expertise and market the niche. She writes:

In a landscape full of ever-changing regulations and rapidly developing markets and technologies, opportunities abound for savvy lawyers to carve out distinct practices. Finding a niche isn’t just about differentiating yourself — it can allow for a more efficient practice that offers more value to clients and captures premium rates because of its targeted knowledge.

I have worked in legal marketing for 13 years, and some of the most successful attorneys I have worked with have had some of the most specific niches, from superyacht disputes to gift card transactions.

Are you considering a niche practice of your own or interested in further defining your specialty? These three steps will help you hone your expertise.

The full Forbes article is available here.