Public Relations

Profile Building. Altman Weil reports that an individual lawyer’s specific experience and reputation is the No. 1 hiring factor for corporate clients. Firesign demonstrates attorney expertise to relevant audiences.   

— Biography writing and planning

— Speaking, writing and social media presence

— Publications and content marketing

— Media relations

— Awards and rankings

Change and Crisis Communication. Law firm leadership is hitting unprecedented turnover, as nearly 40 percent of law firm partners will retire in the next decade, according to Major, Lindsey & Africa. Meanwhile, Altman Weil reports nearly one-third of firms plan acquisitions in the next year. Firesign makes steady, reasoned plans for transition and change.

— Mergers and acquisitions

— CEO/managing partner transitions

— Office openings and closings

— Succession planning

— Crisis communications

— Litigation public relations

— Media training

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