Frequently Asked Questions

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Is Firesign just for lawyers?
We specialize in legal, so law firms are our mainstay, but Firesign is a great solution for other facets of the industry, including legal technology providers, recruiters, professional associations and more.

How does your pricing work?
Firesign offers several pricing options:

  • We provide ongoing marketing counsel on a retainer basis;
  • We offer a “CMO on Demand” subscription service that combines a basic fee per month with a discount for projects as they occur;
  • We advise on specific marketing projects on a fixed-fee basis.

How does Firm Foundation work?
Firesign’s Firm Foundation is a streamlined process that’s designed to deliver law firm brands expeditiously — like a rocket docket for firm positioning. We provide you with a set of exercises, you send them back, and in two weeks we provide a road map for your brand.

How old/big does my firm have to be?
We stand ready to serve firms of all sizes and stages. What we ask is that you prioritize meaningful communication with your clients and prospects, and that you know what you want to accomplish. We love Big Law refugees and startup firms; when you start with brand, we guarantee your marketing will be more effective.

Why should I hire a marketing agency that focuses on legal?
The Rules of Professional Conduct govern lawyers’ marketing activity, and within them there is much room for error. Having marketing counsel that knows how to comply with these rules can prevent costly or embarrassing mistakes.

Why are you called Firesign?
We want to bring light and warmth to legal marketing. We love what fire stands for: fuel and sustenance; blazing new paths; lighting a candle, not cursing the darkness.

There’s a bit of a brand story, too. In astrology, the fire signs are known for inspiration, leadership and energy, traits we value — and with a Leo founder, hope to come by honestly.