Crisis and Change

Crisis and Change

Only 54 percent of organizations have crisis communications plans.

— Burson-Marsteller

Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.

— Mike Tyson

“Business as usual” is hard enough in the practice of law — the addition of a major change or crisis event can cause instability and stress. In a profession where judgment and reason are paramount, attorneys must safeguard their reputations with calm, smart communications in unpredictable times.

Crisis Communications. Even organizations with strong in-house marketing departments can struggle in the high-stress, low-trust environment of crisis or litigation. During these times, it’s important to integrate the public relations strategy with the legal process. A well-meaning communication can cause significant challenges later in the courtroom; lack of response can escalate conflict.

Firesign works with clients to address the issue at hand, acknowledge it appropriately, and bridge to resolution.

  • Crisis planning and communication
  • Litigation public relations
  • Media training

Change Management. Significant business maneuvers deserve intelligent marketing. Firesign makes steady, reasoned plans for transition and change, so firms can maintain — and build upon — the confidence of their clients and shareholders.

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Leadership transitions
  • Office openings and closings

Proof points:

  • Led public relations for multiple Am Law 200 leadership transitions. For one firm, which appointed its first new chair in 15 years, efforts resulted in 22 articles, including The Wall Street Journal and American Lawyer.
  • Advised on three completed law firm mergers and numerous exploratory discussions.
  • Drawing upon experience as a newspaper reporter, served as spokeswoman for firms handling sensitive litigation.