Business Development

Business Development

Clients describe only 2 percent of proposals as unique or thoughtful.

— BTI Consulting

Attorneys face significant pressure to grow a book of business while maintaining a more-than-full-time legal practice. Firesign helps lawyers win new business by delivering actionable intelligence and competitive proposals.

Research. We agree with G.I. Joe: Knowing is half the battle. We create detailed profiles of companies, markets and the competition. We use research to build empathy for prospects, develop industry understanding and determine potential differentiators. We translate data into recommendations for meaningful action.

Pitches and Proposals. From formal Requests for Proposal to casual meetings, we help clients master the moment. We make materials that get noticed. We help craft alternative fee arrangements to help you address your needs for budget predictability or flexibility.

Experience Management. Your most important competitive advantage is your track record; potential clients want to see you have handled a problem like theirs. A well-cataloged list of matters and suits can be the cornerstone of your marketing activity. We build systems to help firms capture their experience so it can be easily searched and shared.

Proof points:

  • Oversaw an Am Law 200 business development team that BTI Consulting designated as a “Marketing Mover” — a firm “no one wants to pitch against.”
  • Completed hundreds of proposals and research requests that resulted in millions of dollars in new business.
  • Launched a proposal “go/no go” checklist to assess new opportunities at an Am Law 200 firm.
  • Designed and deployed a searchable experience database across an Am Law 200 firm.
  • Experienced in responding to company panel and convergence RFPs.