Retain Business

Retain Business

Firesign helps attorneys retain business through stronger client relationships and elegant navigation of crisis and change.

Client Feedback
Only 16 percent of clients have been invited to participate in law firm feedback; those who are asked are more satisfied, more likely to recommend their firms and less likely to switch. Firesign works with firms to meaningfully collect feedback from their key relationships, then act upon it for stronger ties and continued success.

  • Client feedback initiatives
  • Service training
  • VIP client events and publications
  • Alumni programs

Change and Crisis Communications
The legal industry is poised for unprecedented turnover; 38 percent of partners will retire in the next decade. Meanwhile, increased merger activity is predicted for 2017. Firesign makes steady, reasoned plans for transition and change.

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • CEO and managing partner transitions
  • Office openings and closings
  • Crisis communications
  • Litigation public relations
  • Media training